iOS 13 – With New Features like Apple ID Authentication, Dark Mode, Revamped Apple Maps,Enhanced Photos App and Announced More


  • Dark mode is a-comin’.
  • more detailed maps arrive in Maps by end of 2019.
  • Apple has cracked down on some privacy tracking.
  • HomeKit security is also improved.
  • some Memoji upgrades for personalization.
  • Siri’s voice sounds a lot more natural

Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose on Monday and threw a lot of new stuff at us, including a Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, iOS 13 with a dark mode,
MacOS Catalina and an operating system for the iPad called iPadOS

iOS 13 will bring a number of new features and improvements some of them as

Dark mode is a-comin’.
Safari, Mail and Notes get some updates, but the big rewrite is in Reminders; also more detailed maps arrive in Maps by end of 2019.
Apple has cracked down on some privacy tracking including Apple tracking-free single-sign on, and random email addresses with forwarding

— it will also be on the web.
HomeKit security is also improved, and Apple now has a HomeKit-in-routers partner program.
And, of course, some Memoji upgrades for personalization. Now there are automatic sticker packs of your Memoji.
Portrait lighting effects and an improved editing interface in Photos, as well as the ability to rotate and filter videos. Plus a new automatic
organization of your Camera Roll.
Siri can read and reply to messages via your AirPods, HandOff to your iPhone is coming to the HomePod, and more personalization across loads of
HomePad capabilities.
CarPlay has a new dashboard with expanded partner apps.
Siri’s voice sounds a lot more natural, since it’s completely procedural rather than pieced-together recorded syllables

Beginning with the dark mode, iOS 13 will provide a new dark colour scheme systemwide and will be available in all native applications.
The developers will also be able to integrate the same in their apps as well.
Additionally, Apple is adding new enhancements to the Photos app with iOS 13. The iPhone operating system will use on-device machine learning
(ML) to organise photos in the Photos app.he new operating system will use gestures to make it easier to edit photos, and will offer additional
abilities like the ability to rotate videos.

“Photo editing is more comprehensive and intuitive with new tools that are easier to apply, adjust and review at a glance,” Apple said in a statement.

Privacy push is also a big part of iOS 13. In an effort to make the sign-in experience across apps and websites more secure and private,
Apple is introducing Apple ID authentication, which can be used by the consumers to sign in on different apps and websites.
iOS 13 users will be able to generate a unique random email address and share it with the websites and apps.

The new Apple Maps will include more data, including broader road coverage, better pedestrian data, and more precise addresses.
Apple is also bringing a Street View-like Look Around feature to offer high-resolution 3D view of cities.
New Apple Maps are now available in select cities and states in the US and will roll out across Apple’s home country by the end of this year.
It will expand to other countries next year.

iOS 13 will also include updated Reminders and Messages apps with new features, Siri Shortcuts with new ‘Suggested Automations’,
improved CarPlay with new dashboard, and the ability to fully control your iOS devices with just your voice. Notes, Files,
Health app are getting new features as well. The company is also adding Quick Path to its keyboard app,
which is the equivalent of swipe typing on Android devices.

Lastly, Apple says iOS 13 includes a new way to package apps, which will reduce the app sizes by up to 50 percent and make app updates over
60 percent smaller. Apps will be faster to launch as well. According to Apple, iOS 13 will be available for iPhone 6s and later devices.

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