Upcoming Smartphones Launched In First Half Of 2019

1.Nokia 9
Expected release: february-March 2019
The concept image of a phone with a ton of rear cameras might just prove real in the Nokia 9. The long-awaited return of the pure view branding and a true camera phone Nokia flagship might finally become a reality in 2019.The arrival of the new Generation of 7nm chips might give the company the power it needs to implement it’s ambitious camera Goal.

2.Samsung Flex
Expected release: first half of 2019
The design that Samsung showed includes a phone that is thicker than current smartphones, but has a similar rectangular form with a screen just like a traditional phone. But it fold it out and revealed a brand new, gigantic, tablet-like display.

3.Black Berry Key3
Expected release: June 2019
In Black Berry Key3, not only typing on a physical keyboard gives that weird satisfiction, every key doubles as a shortcut and the whole keyboard work as a trackpad. The Key3 can back this up with a more powerful chips and can improved camera, so it might well be the different phone to look out in 2019.

4.Samsung Galaxy S10 series
Expected release: february-April 2019
Samsung will most likely announce three different versions of the Galaxy S10, and all three of them could adopt a brand new, powerful system chip built on the novel 7nm manufacturing process.
Affordable Galaxy S10
1.codename – Beyond 0
2. 5.8″ flat display.         
           3. Side positioned fingerprint scanner
4. Single camera 
5. Single selfie camera
Galaxy S10
1. Codename – Beyond 1
          2. 6.1″ Curved infinity display
                3. In-display finger print Scanner
4. Single selfie camera.   
       5. Dual rear camera ( Regular, Telephoto)
Galaxy S10+
1.codename – Beyond 2
               2. In- display fingerprint scanner
3.Dual selfie camera.          
         4. Triple rear camera ( Regular, telephoto, wide-angle)
5.Sony Xperia XZ4
Expected release: February-June 2019
It usually takes Sony a few months to actually launch the phone they show in february, so we would expect the XZ4 to actually arrive on store somewhere in May or June 2019. We expect the new Snapdragon 855 system chip, Qualcomm’s first built on the 7nm manufacturing process that brings a big boost to performance, an improved camera, and hopefully , a gesture navigation that is missing on 2018 on Sony Phones.

6.Huawei P30 and P30 Pro
Expected release: March-April 2019
The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro will be the much anticipated successors to the P20 series, and we expect them to adopt the new face recognition+in-display fingerprint security system from the current Mate 20 Pro plus give us further improvement in camera performance. We also expect the P30 series to come equipped with the powerful kirin 980 system chip. Also with variation on Huawei’s signature gradient design that look very stylish.

7. LG G8 ThinQ
Expected release: february-April 2019
Our best guess about the G8 revolves around an LG patent for a truly bezel-less phone with a cut out in the screen for two front cameras. We do, however, expect the G8 to adopt the triple camera system of V40 that company released in late 2018 with a regular camera plus telephoto one for portrait as well as a third, ultra-wide angle lens. Battery life has been a sore point of LG phones in the past few years, so we really hope the company improves in that aspect as well.

8.OnePlus 7
Expected release: June 2019
In 2019, however, we hope to see OnePlus finally raise the bar in terms of camera performance, the one area where its phones still feel a bit behind the premium flagships out there.

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